Monday, June 16, 2008

Kayak Fears

One risk I took going kayaking was going into deep water. I was nervous and I really hate water that is deep.
How did I overcome this risk? I just put it out of my mind so I wouldn't think of it.
One thing I do in my life outside of school that is risky is snowbording. I could really hurt myself if I fell and broke my neck. After kayaking I have better balance and that will help me be a better snowboarder.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Assignment 1

Our first trip on the water wasn't scary at all. It was really fun. We went to the boat launch in New Hampton on June 5, 2008. We all went as a class. We went because we were starting a new challenge in the Bike Shop. We went at 9:00 in the am and the water was really cold.
My feelings getting into the boat was excitement. I was excited to do this and once we got onto the water it was even more fun. I was using a green boat from Mayhew, it was wide and and kind of like a bathtub to be in. I don't think I would have liked to be in the other boats because I was having second thoughts about them.
My experiences and expectations were met if not exceeded when we went out for the first time. I was so excited because we spent a lot of time preparing for the trip and that day we went was awesome. My behavior was very good on the first trip and all the rest.
my teachr read a boot to the class a bouit a gut who was fishig an got his net stusk on a sting ray and all msot died afteer that he gave up fishine. Well I think the guy would drop a load in this pants if he even saw another fish and he would have no fun. That's why I think he does not want to go fishing again.I like to go four wheeling and that can be risky. Last time I road it I rolled it over and it almost landed on my legs. If it had broken my legs I probably would not ride it for like four months. Only because that's how long it would be before my legs healed. i think he was a wimp and gave u way to easy.


This is a proposal for an end of the year project I am working on with Andy. We want to make Spanky. Spanky is a saw horse that we turned into a saw horse with a head and a tail. Our teacher Ryan took him apart and threw his head in the scrap pile. So now we want to make a new one with a head, tail, and now put tires on it and some seats. We will make him out of 2 by 3 and 2 by 4's. We named him Spanky because Andy kept spanking the wooden horse which was kinda weird.

Well it is a challenge because I have to work with Andy . That can be hard and we tend to goof off so I think that will be a challenge. We also have to find out how to attach a bike fork to a 2 by 4 that will be hard but I think me and Andy can accomplish the project.
We will have to show our problem solving skills by not goofing off. That will take some skill and putting together the forks and plywood will take skill too. Getting all the parts we need and having to come up with some designs will also be challenging.
This project will make me use people skills. I think me and Andy can work well together. I will also try not to tell Ryan to stop his complaining. He complains when everything is not totally perfect. That usually makes me mad. I will consider some of Andy's ideas no matter what I think of them.
I hope it does not break on me. That would be bad.

Kayaking Story

Back in the 1500's these kids were kayaking the rough seas in front of them. They were looking in the water and one of them saw a huge shadow underneath them! So he turns to his friend and asks him,"did you see that!"
"No, what was it?"
"I don't know maybe we should turn back."
"Okay lets go!"
The kid was looking in the water again to see if he could see it and all of a sudden this huge monster comes up behind them! It goes for his friend and he dodges it but the monster goes under him and swallows him whole! His friend got away because he was a faster paddler. Back on shore he never talked about it to anybody. He didn't want anybody to know what happened to his friend and he took his secret to his grave.

The Sea devil

In "The Sea Devil" the main character was fishin and got pulled underneath the water by the cracken. The main reason the guy will not fish again is because he felt how it is like to be pulled underneath the water. I think he will fish but realease the fish when he catches them. The risks I took were playing in a football game with a concussion. It was risky because if I hurt my head I probably would have got brain damage. I do not think it was right because you never give up something you love.

Kayaking on the Pemi

We did this trip because we made a kayak and decided to go. The first time getting into the boat was scary because I knew what I was doing but I hadn't done it in a while. The boat we built was made out of wood.
The first kayaking trip was really fun. We launched off of these huge backings in the Pemi River. It was like we were in this monster-infested river and we had to paddle really hard to get to the other side so we wouldn't get eaten. My expectations of the day was that the day was going to be hot. It was, but it also was kind of cold in the water. It was really easy and fun and that's how I wanted it to be because if it weren't, it would have been boring.

James The Animal

It was 50 B.C the time James was born. James was trained by the all mighty Achilles except James was immortal. By the time James was 14 he was 5 foot 11 weighed 225 pounds of muscle and he benched 450 pounds. James was a warlord he beat 500 men on his own. He was in a war in Troy when 500,000 thousand men tied him to a chair and put him in a kayak and set him on a journey to the edge of the Earth until he fell off . He is now living on the Planet Mars and people still try to find him. That is the story of James.

The Sea Devil

In the story "The Sea Devil" the main character was fishing in shallow waters when he caught a huge devil ray. The ray pulled him out of his boat and started to drag him out to sea. He tried really hard to pull back on the monster but the monster was too strong and it weighed about 1000 pounds. Luckily he got free and he vowed never to fish again at night alone. I think the reason he won't fish is because he is really afraid that he will be pulled in and never be seen in his town again.
Football is a risky sport that I love. I got a concussion last year and I had to take the year off which upset me a lot. To me that similar to the character in "The Sea Devil" because I couldn't play football and the character couldn't fish. We both had to give up something we love.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

First Experience

On our first trip we went on the Pemi River . We went and explored many of coves plus this weird tunnel. The tunnel ent under the road and was filled with spiders so I did not go through. All the trips were boring because we did not get to fish. The first time I went on the kayaks I felt really unstable and I thought I was going to flip over. I was in a boat that Ryan made. If I was in a different boat I may have flipped over. I had expectations about kayaking because I had done it before. I knew it was boring. I thought people would try to flip me over. I knew if they flipped me over I would get them back. My other expectations were if I were to tip over I would not panic. I would just float in the water, it's not that hard. I did not want to kayak before the trip and I still do not. That was my first experience.

English Entry 3:

"The Sea Devil"

At the end of the story, the main character vows to never fish again. Given the circumstances, it is safe to assume that the fight with the Sea Devil scared him. One might assume that fear is the reason he wont fish. Another thought that was brought up in class is that the main character could now empathize with a trapped fish and thus would never hunt one again. What do you think?

Write an essay explaining the main character's reasons for vowing to never fish again. Appropriately cite evidence from the story that supports your argument. Also relate this story to your own life and the risks that you take. What would stop you from doing something you love? Was he right to give up fishing?


We are starting an independent project that shows problem solving skills and people skills. The title of our project is Spanky. It is a sawhorse with legs with wheels on the bottom of them strapped on with bike forks.
I will be working with Adam and we will make them out of some wood Adam's grandfather dropped off at the bike shop last week. It is a challenge because I will show problem solving skills by constructing from scratch a wooden saw horse. Then we're going to strap wheels to the bottom of the saw horse with 2 by 4's and we are going to try to make some steering mechanism for the saw horse.
We are going to use 6 inch nails and connect the legs to the bottom of the horse and then we are going to drill out the bottom of the legs to put the bike forks into them. Then we are going to super glue them into the drilled out holes in the bottom of it. Finally we are going to sand it down and spray paint it and put our own designs on the side of the horse. Then we will turn it in for our final grade and then the year is over.

My Proposal

Ryan assigned us a project for newfound challenge. We had to choose something that is challenging that showed problem solving skills and group people skills. James and I are finishing the kayak that Ryan was too busy to do by himself, so we're doing it for our final grade.
This project is going to be a challenge because we just have so much stuff to do and we don't have much time to do it. Its going to be a challenge because James is kinda slow and I'm kinda fast at some things. This might aggravate me.
We will show problem solving skills by remembering what we did on the first boat so we can build it and have it done. That will show people how much talent we have for building boats. Another problem solving skill we will use is using all the tools. To show people skills is like having fun and communication what we are doing.
I think this project will be fun. I'm looking forward to it.

shawns board design

I have come up with a new design for a skateboard and one for trucks and barrings and even the wheeles.
Right now im in the process of cutting a board shape out of wood becaue i dont have money for a blank.
i will be findin old trucks and wheeles and paint my design on them. I will even put grip tape on it and put it up for display. This will be really fun and when i get money for a blank I will really paint my design and even try to sell it.

My Proposal

Finishing Kayak

Ryan McMahon assigned us a group project to do so we chose to finish the kayak that Ryan is too lazy to finish(ha-ha). The main reason we are doing this is project is for a grade on our final exam. We are making the kayak to use if we go on any more kayak trips.
This project will be a challenge because it is hard to keep up with Mike when we cut out the top of boat. He works fast and it will be hard to keep up with him. It will be hard to get this done before it is due because we have minimal time to finish.
We will show problem solving skills when we run out of wood. Then we will find ways to get more wood. It will also be hard to do every thing right because their is a lot of things I forgot.
I will show people skills by working with Mike. It is hard too keep up with Mike. Also communicating and having fun while we will build the boat.
I think we will be finished the day before it is due because look who I am working with, a fast pace kind of guy who gets stuff done early.

Final Kayak Unit Post

Risk- Exposure to the chance of injury or loss; a hazard or dangerous chance

During our Kayak Trekking Unit we took many risks. By exposing you to risky situations we wanted you to learn more about yourself and how you deal with stress and difficult situations. By learning to deal well with difficulty and risk on the water you can improve how you deal with tough situations in regular life.
This is one of the main reasons why we went kayaking.

In a blog entry please answer the following:
1. Identify one risk that you took during the Kayak Trekking Unit.
2. How did you overcome this risk, what was the outcome? Did you "loose" anything or even get hurt?
3. Identify one risk that have taken in everyday life.
4. If you had to take this risk again, how might you approach this risk differently now that you have been through the Kayak Unit?

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Sea Devil Short Story

The Sea Devil is a short story we will be reading on our trip for Monday the 9th at Wellington State Park. I read it in high school as a part of a short story unit.

Hopefully by participating in this kayaking unit we will all connect with this story on a new level. Maybe we should have read Lord of the Flies...

I have a lesson in dutch oven camp cooking planned and it should be a nice hot day. Lots of water and sunscreen is a must.

Pictures will be coming soon...

Friday, May 30, 2008

English Entry 2: Fiction

This assignment asks you to use some creativity. Write a piece of fiction. Use your imagination. The only criteria I will require is that your writing involves kayaks. Check back for a list of ideas that we came up with in class...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Reflection Entry One

Reflection Project Entry One:

Describe our first trip on the water...
Who? What? When? Where? Why? Set the tone. Paint the scene. Spin the yarn!

Also, what were your feelings getting into the boat for the first time? Were you in the boat we made or were you in a boat that we borrowed from Mayhew? How do you think you would have felt if you were in the other type of boat?

Finally, write about the experience and your expectations. Were you excited about the trip or were you dreading it? Often times having really high or really low expectations can influence behavior and how you experience things. Look back on the adventure, reflect on your behavior, and talk about expectations.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

English Assignments for Trip Days

While we are doing the kayaking trips, we will have limited opportunities for in-class English lessons. Don't worry we thought of that. I will assign a series of writing assignments that ask you to describe our trips and reflect on the experiences. Each assignment will be posted on the blog and I will provide written instructions the days of our trips. It is your responsibility to post your work. I will provide feedback to your first posting and you are expected to resubmit your work with appropriate improvements for credit. Your collected work will be graded as a project for English.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

First Trip This Week

Sometime this week we are going on our first kayaking trip with the boat we made and I'll be the one using it. the place we are going is to the top of the Pemi. River and it will only be for a couple of hours because our class is about three hours long. What we are going to learn is how to stay balanced and have fun.

From Mike

Friday, May 23, 2008

Latest Pictures, Trailer Pickup

I have had several requests for up-to-date pictures of the boats. Next week we will be on the water learning basic kayaking skills.

No students today- NRHS Career Day and Spring Fling are happening at the High School right now. I am in the down town classroom planning our trips and preparing to pick up a boat trailer, life jackets, and paddles at Camp Mayhew around 1:00pm.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Todays Progress

Today we made the seats for the kayak. We made the seats out of neoprene foam. We are now working on the straps that will hold the hatch down.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Customizing and Cutting

Today we are making custom designs and cutting a hatch for the boat it looks really cool...

Monday, May 19, 2008

Sanding Fun Fun!!!!!!! NOT

Well today we went outside and it was cold and we sanded the top of the boat so it is smooth. We can pant it or if you want, put on more epoxy. We are going to put the epoxy on so you see the wood color. Do your own paint the way you like it.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Personal Project

Assignment: Choose a project to work on during Challenge class and at home. The project must be finished on or before it is due: the last day before finals week. This is for part of the final grade in Challenge Class.


-You may work in groups

-You must fund it; on your own, or with “fund raising”

-You must be able to work on it during Challenge Class

-It must be legal (obviously)

-You are responsible to find the equipment needed


To get a passing grade, you must:

  • Type a proposal for what you will do onto the Challenge Blog

  • Choose a project that is challenging for you.

  • Show effective problem solving skills

  • Show effective group/people skills

  • Present what you have done, and what you learned in some way to the instructor and the class

Some Suggestions:

- Put on a community breakfast with food from Shop n’ Save; challenge yourself to get more than 15 people to attend

- Build a bike

- Build something simple with wood

- Make your own blog

- Design a skate board logo, deck, or sticker

- Design a Alt Wheels sticker and get it made

- Make a Challenge Class ’08 yearbook

Friday, May 16, 2008

The Search for the Right Paint Goes On

It is down to the wire for the boat building; this next week it will be time for boat using.

We need a final protective coating for the boats, something that will protect against UV from the sun and give it a nice finished look.

I have been researching types of paint outside of class.

We need something that:

  • will stick to epoxy
  • is environmentally friendly
  • will protect the boat
  • will not flake off when stressed
  • is as cheap as we can get
Oil based house primer paint- Cheap, but has many volatile chemicals during painting and drying. The jury is still out on how it effects the environment when dry. some states have banned the sale of oil-based paints in gallon sized containers and up because of environmental problems.

Acrylic latex porch and floor paint- still cheap, less volatile chemicals, may not stick as well to epoxy, may not be a durable.

I think we should test the latex paint, that way we can paint it on with out having to use a respirator mask. It will impact the environment less as well.

What does everyone else think?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Go Get Some Fiber

WE had to cover the kayaks with fiber glass tape. The way we did it is we put epoxy on the bottom and then put the fiber glass tape over the epoxy and then put epoxy over the fiber glass tape. The way we spread it on the kayak is we used a brush. Thats what we used yesterday.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Fiber Glass The Seams

We glued the fiber glass tape over the seams to the sides of the boat. We also put epoxy over it and then we put the fiber glass on the boat as well. We used regular epoxy to "paint" the fiber glass to the boat. It is called painting the weave. It all is a pain in the butt and it's really hot out when we do the work outside, it kinda sucks.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

New Blogging Style, Faster Updates

The blog has grown. Now that we have an up-to-date blog with a good body of information, we can start telling people to look us up on the internet.

To stay current with what we do in class and on our kayak project, I would like to try a new posting style. Everyday someone will post an entry on what has happened since the last post. Only one person has to post on their assigned day.

This entry should be a personal reflection. It should be in your own voice and should contain your own personal experience and thoughts.

For Example:

Buying Paint
I had to find out what kind of paint we can use for the outside of the kayaks. It needs to be durable and not harmful to the environment. The paint also must protect the epoxy from the harmful effects of sunlight. So far I know that oil based paint will stick the best to the epoxy, but we don't know if it is still harmful to the environment after it is dry. Things are getting down to the wire; I hope we stay on schedule.

This "personal reflection" style of post is what many people use on their blog.

Monday- Shawn
Tues- Mike
Wed- James
Thurs- andy
Fri- Adam

(If someone is absent the next person in the order posts and the absent person switches with them. )

Monday, May 5, 2008

Seeling the Inside and Tracing the top

We just got finished sealing the inside of the boat. We seeled it with oil based primer. We painted the whole inside of the boat with the primer. It acts like a water sealent so that way no water gets inside.
Now we are in the process of tracing the top of the boat. That's the easy part. Put a large piece of luan plywood across the top of the boat and trace it. Then you would cut it out and then glue it and even use nails to make sure that it is sturdy.

Nailing the Bottom

Once you have the bottom cut out to its correct shape you first you spread the glue on the chinelog. The glue we used was Titebond III Ultimate Wood Glue. This is a good choice because it is waterproof. You place the bottom of the kayak on the chinelog. Then you nail the perimeter of the boat to the whole chinelog.

Blog Entry III: Putting it all Together

We need to play some catch-up. Much work has been done on the boat since we last posted and we need to fill in all the blog viewers on what has happened.
Once this round of entries is complete, we will move to a more effective blog posting method. Each day one student will be assigned to post an entry explaining what went on in class that day. Blog viewers will be updated everyday on our progress and the student will need to finish the entry by the end of class.

We need to finish these entries by Tuesday, so we can catch-up the blog to where we are with the boat.

Mike- plane chine logs to fit the bottom level
James- nail and glue the bottom
Adam- plane sheer clamps level to fit top
Shawn- sealing the inside, tracing the top

Follow the same entry comments from Blog Entry II

Friday, May 2, 2008


I helped by putting in the bulkheads. The bulkheads are the pieces of wood in the middle of the boat. There are three of them spaced out in the boat's inner hull. They are for support so that the boat doesn't crush. They give the boat a v-shape. To build the bulkheads, you had to trace them on plywood with a stencil. Then we had to cut them out and shape them to the right size.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Scarfing The Sheer Clamp And Chine Logs

The sheer clamp is the thin long piece of pine at the top of the side panel. The chine log is a piece of pine that runs the length of the boat were the bottom. The sheer clamp is the part that you would nail the top to. The chine log is the piece of pine that is used to nail the bottom on. The boat is 15.5' long and you can only buy the pine in 10' long sections and thats why you need to make a joint. The scarf joint is when you cutt to pieces of wood and glue them together. The way ou cut them would be at an angle the angle we used is 6''. Then you would need to glue them together with a special type of wood glue. Then you would need to press them together with clamps to make sure it stays in place...

Monday, April 14, 2008

Doing the Sides

We stared off with 16 foot long pieces of plywood called blanks. Then you want to find your measurements to the side of the kayak, or use a pattern to trace them on the blanks. Then cut it out, but don't cut on the line, cut a little above it on the waste side. After that, grab a plane and shave it down almost to the line and finally use a Surform, which will give it a nice finished look. The picture on the right is the finished side panel we used. The picture on the left is a Edit[handsome] man in a kayak (me)=) !

Thursday, April 10, 2008

James Makes Butt Blocks

A Butt Block in Action

We started out with two 8 foot pieces of plywood. I, James had to block the two panels to make 16 foot blanks. Blanks are sections of plywood that you prepare and later cut out a pattern from. We had to butt block the pieces together because you can not buy 16 foot pieces of plywood at a store. Also building a 8 foot kayak would not be good enough for a camping trip. The tools we used for this step were nails, a hammer, glue, and a plane. We first glued the butt blocks to the sides connecting two pieces and then we nailed them together.

Blog Entry II: What Have We Done

We must continue to document our project. Someone should be able to look at our blog and be able to build a kayak by following the steps we have written. For this entry each member of class will have a different step to explain.

James- butt blocking the two panels to make the 16' blanks
Adam- tracing the pattern and roughing out the panels, fairing the boards
Shawn- scarfing the sheer clamps and chine logs
Andy- attaching and fitting the sheer clamps and chine logs
Mike- making bulkheads, putting in bulkhead anchors

Each entry must :
- have an introduction
- what tools are used
- have step by step instructions
- be posted in order
- display at least one relevant picture

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

kayak progress

We the new found challenge class are making kayaks which is like a canoe but they usually only hold one person and are are skinnier and longer those are lake kayak river ones are a Little shorter and wider.We are making them for the experience and for fun and so we can go kayaking on the lake and some rivers. We are making them by hand with no power tools. We are carving them out of wood using some nails and glue. Man i hope These don't sink when I get in it. We are having fun with it because their is not a lot of reading involved or writing, it is pretty fun. And it is really hands on which is really fun. We should have one dune soon hopefully.

Monday, March 31, 2008


We are building kayak's so we can go on a 3 day trip on Newfound lake. Well the way we are building the kayak's are we have to shave the plywood down to the right angels and then stick them together by glue and nails and now we are about to put it together. Another thing we are doing is camping and before that we need to test the boats first to make sure they flout then we go camping. Someone might enjoy this project because they will no how to build a boat and they can have fun doing it also.


We are building kayaks for a field trip and we will be learning how to build them and all the tools to do so. we will test them out on Newfound lake.It's in the process of construction. It's pretty cool and pretty fun at the same time. people might enjoy this experience because they will learn a lot about kayaks and how to build them .

Kayak Project

Hello I am James from NewFound Challenge. We are building kayaks in the bike shop. We are building kayaks because we want to go on a three day camping trip. The way we are building the kayaks is by cutting the wood and shaving the wood. We held the wood up by clamps. We need the kayaks to get across the water. The reason why someone would enjoy this project is that you get to test the kayaks.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Community Breakfast is Done

Here is an update on the Newfound Challenge community service project. On February 21 we had our community breakfast at the ttcc. It went pretty well. Shawn and Andy cooked the omelets. Ronci and Ms. McKenny made the mix for them. Mike, James, and Ryan took the orders down to the kitchen. I was siting upstairs writing down orders. Then Mike, James, and Ryan brought the orders up to the people.
This event benefited me as well as the community in a number of ways. Well I got the joy of helping people out and the people in the community got a free breakfast. I also got to meet some really nice people. The people also got a place to talk to their friends. We only had like 10 people show up. But we all had a great time.

Kayak Project: First Entry

The purpose of this Blog is to inform other people of what we are doing in Newfound Challenge. It also will provide a documented history of the experience for the people that were involved to look back on.

Naturally the first entry is an introduction to what we are currently doing.

Please write: What are we doing?
Any other details about what we are doing...
What is one reason someone might enjoy this project?

Monday, March 17, 2008

Community Breakfast

well we did the breakfast and it was ok but not a lot of people did not show up but we had a great time any way next time i hope more people show up
thank 4 reading

Monday, March 10, 2008

Community Breakfast Reflection

On February 21, 2008 Newfound Challenge put on a free community breakfast. We cooked eggs and omelets. We got muffins, bread, fruit, cakes, eggs, and vegetables from Hannaford in Plymouth. We did this event to feed people who actually need the food.

My role in this event was setting up the tables and taking orders from guests. I welcomed the guests as they came in.

I had a fun time and I learned a lot about new people and how they lived. This event helped me to get to know the community better. This made me give back to the community. It fed more people and saved food from getting thrown out.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Senior Lucheon Info

Heres an update on the Newfound Challenge Class' community service project. We went to a senior luncheon . We helped out by serving them and sitting down to talk with them. The food we served was corn chowder, tuna fish, and pasta for their lunch. They also had coffee, punch, and hot tea to drink.
One positive outcome was we helped serve them, and they wouldn't think us teenagers are bad kids . They probably would help us build a skate park because we helped them out, so, maybe they will help us back.
One thing that I learned was to help people out and just have fun. They love having a civilized conversation with you and they really like that.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Update On Project

Here's an update on the Newfound Challenge Class' community service project.
We the Newfound challenge kids volunteered to help at the older people lunch. We had a good time we served corn chowder tuna fish sandwiches and pasta salad and drinks. Just a hint, when an old lady yells at you (i don't want corn chowder) just walk away. All in all it was great time you should try it some time.
One good thing about the lunch is I got free food. The bad part was... I was not hungry. Another good outcome was we got to help out in the community. It is good to work in the community because people won't think we are punks.
I learned old lady's get mad if you give them corn chowder that they don't want. They may yell (i don't want corn chowder).


Here Is update on the Newfound Challenge Class' Community
Service Project. I went to a senior luncheon to help out people by serving the seniors food and beverages. We served the seniors their favorite food, corn chowder and their favorite beverages, coffee and tea. I, “The Prototype Football Star” also sat down and had a conversation with them.
One positive outcome of our involvement is that we earned their respect. We earned it by helping them out by serving them lunch.
I learned a lot about these people as seniors. It was nice to know what they were like because I did not know much about seniors. One guy told me punishments these days are less painful than they used to be. I'm glad this experience was useful.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Community Breakfast

I am part of a group of students that is putting on a community breakfast for anyone who wants it. It is going to be at the TTCC in Bristol, NH on February 21 from 9-10:30. We are doing this to help save food from getting thrown out. We can use this to help people in our community. We are getting the food from Hannaford in Plymouth who were nice enough to donate it.

every body is in the class today and there is a test

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Free Comunity breakfast

We are having a free comunity breakfast at the TTCC (tattly thompson comunity center) for anyone who wants it the food is being donated by Hanafords in Plymouth.

N Challenge Breakfast

Community breakfast is going to happen on the 21 of February and i will be involved we are doing this to help out the ones that don't have access to food and give free breakfast to anyone who wants it.

Newfound Challenge Breakfast for Community

I am a student at Newfound Challenge and we are having a community breakfast at the Bristol Community Center and anybody can come and have a good breakfast. It starts at 9 and ends at 10.30 and we are doing this to earn respect and to try to help reduce food waste in America.

Community breakfast

We are the Newfound Challenge. We are putting on a community breakfast on the 21 of February from 9 to 10:30. we r using donations from local business to make the food. It is completely free and open to everyone who needs a good meal. We are having it at the ttcc/community center. It will help us and u because some people don't like the bike shop and we really want to keep it open. We also want to help the community.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

My first pose

Hi everybody this is YoungPapa speaking. I want you to root for the Giants for the Super Bowl

go bike shop

Hi every body this is your conscience and i want you to send 5million dollers to the bikeshop so we can by new bikes.

gothic pocket

I'm everywhere you least expect
Darkness can't protect you

Tuesday, January 22, 2008