Monday, May 5, 2008

Seeling the Inside and Tracing the top

We just got finished sealing the inside of the boat. We seeled it with oil based primer. We painted the whole inside of the boat with the primer. It acts like a water sealent so that way no water gets inside.
Now we are in the process of tracing the top of the boat. That's the easy part. Put a large piece of luan plywood across the top of the boat and trace it. Then you would cut it out and then glue it and even use nails to make sure that it is sturdy.

Nailing the Bottom

Once you have the bottom cut out to its correct shape you first you spread the glue on the chinelog. The glue we used was Titebond III Ultimate Wood Glue. This is a good choice because it is waterproof. You place the bottom of the kayak on the chinelog. Then you nail the perimeter of the boat to the whole chinelog.

Blog Entry III: Putting it all Together

We need to play some catch-up. Much work has been done on the boat since we last posted and we need to fill in all the blog viewers on what has happened.
Once this round of entries is complete, we will move to a more effective blog posting method. Each day one student will be assigned to post an entry explaining what went on in class that day. Blog viewers will be updated everyday on our progress and the student will need to finish the entry by the end of class.

We need to finish these entries by Tuesday, so we can catch-up the blog to where we are with the boat.

Mike- plane chine logs to fit the bottom level
James- nail and glue the bottom
Adam- plane sheer clamps level to fit top
Shawn- sealing the inside, tracing the top

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