Friday, June 13, 2008

Assignment 1

Our first trip on the water wasn't scary at all. It was really fun. We went to the boat launch in New Hampton on June 5, 2008. We all went as a class. We went because we were starting a new challenge in the Bike Shop. We went at 9:00 in the am and the water was really cold.
My feelings getting into the boat was excitement. I was excited to do this and once we got onto the water it was even more fun. I was using a green boat from Mayhew, it was wide and and kind of like a bathtub to be in. I don't think I would have liked to be in the other boats because I was having second thoughts about them.
My experiences and expectations were met if not exceeded when we went out for the first time. I was so excited because we spent a lot of time preparing for the trip and that day we went was awesome. My behavior was very good on the first trip and all the rest.
my teachr read a boot to the class a bouit a gut who was fishig an got his net stusk on a sting ray and all msot died afteer that he gave up fishine. Well I think the guy would drop a load in this pants if he even saw another fish and he would have no fun. That's why I think he does not want to go fishing again.I like to go four wheeling and that can be risky. Last time I road it I rolled it over and it almost landed on my legs. If it had broken my legs I probably would not ride it for like four months. Only because that's how long it would be before my legs healed. i think he was a wimp and gave u way to easy.


This is a proposal for an end of the year project I am working on with Andy. We want to make Spanky. Spanky is a saw horse that we turned into a saw horse with a head and a tail. Our teacher Ryan took him apart and threw his head in the scrap pile. So now we want to make a new one with a head, tail, and now put tires on it and some seats. We will make him out of 2 by 3 and 2 by 4's. We named him Spanky because Andy kept spanking the wooden horse which was kinda weird.

Well it is a challenge because I have to work with Andy . That can be hard and we tend to goof off so I think that will be a challenge. We also have to find out how to attach a bike fork to a 2 by 4 that will be hard but I think me and Andy can accomplish the project.
We will have to show our problem solving skills by not goofing off. That will take some skill and putting together the forks and plywood will take skill too. Getting all the parts we need and having to come up with some designs will also be challenging.
This project will make me use people skills. I think me and Andy can work well together. I will also try not to tell Ryan to stop his complaining. He complains when everything is not totally perfect. That usually makes me mad. I will consider some of Andy's ideas no matter what I think of them.
I hope it does not break on me. That would be bad.

Kayaking Story

Back in the 1500's these kids were kayaking the rough seas in front of them. They were looking in the water and one of them saw a huge shadow underneath them! So he turns to his friend and asks him,"did you see that!"
"No, what was it?"
"I don't know maybe we should turn back."
"Okay lets go!"
The kid was looking in the water again to see if he could see it and all of a sudden this huge monster comes up behind them! It goes for his friend and he dodges it but the monster goes under him and swallows him whole! His friend got away because he was a faster paddler. Back on shore he never talked about it to anybody. He didn't want anybody to know what happened to his friend and he took his secret to his grave.

The Sea devil

In "The Sea Devil" the main character was fishin and got pulled underneath the water by the cracken. The main reason the guy will not fish again is because he felt how it is like to be pulled underneath the water. I think he will fish but realease the fish when he catches them. The risks I took were playing in a football game with a concussion. It was risky because if I hurt my head I probably would have got brain damage. I do not think it was right because you never give up something you love.

Kayaking on the Pemi

We did this trip because we made a kayak and decided to go. The first time getting into the boat was scary because I knew what I was doing but I hadn't done it in a while. The boat we built was made out of wood.
The first kayaking trip was really fun. We launched off of these huge backings in the Pemi River. It was like we were in this monster-infested river and we had to paddle really hard to get to the other side so we wouldn't get eaten. My expectations of the day was that the day was going to be hot. It was, but it also was kind of cold in the water. It was really easy and fun and that's how I wanted it to be because if it weren't, it would have been boring.

James The Animal

It was 50 B.C the time James was born. James was trained by the all mighty Achilles except James was immortal. By the time James was 14 he was 5 foot 11 weighed 225 pounds of muscle and he benched 450 pounds. James was a warlord he beat 500 men on his own. He was in a war in Troy when 500,000 thousand men tied him to a chair and put him in a kayak and set him on a journey to the edge of the Earth until he fell off . He is now living on the Planet Mars and people still try to find him. That is the story of James.

The Sea Devil

In the story "The Sea Devil" the main character was fishing in shallow waters when he caught a huge devil ray. The ray pulled him out of his boat and started to drag him out to sea. He tried really hard to pull back on the monster but the monster was too strong and it weighed about 1000 pounds. Luckily he got free and he vowed never to fish again at night alone. I think the reason he won't fish is because he is really afraid that he will be pulled in and never be seen in his town again.
Football is a risky sport that I love. I got a concussion last year and I had to take the year off which upset me a lot. To me that similar to the character in "The Sea Devil" because I couldn't play football and the character couldn't fish. We both had to give up something we love.