Friday, May 16, 2008

The Search for the Right Paint Goes On

It is down to the wire for the boat building; this next week it will be time for boat using.

We need a final protective coating for the boats, something that will protect against UV from the sun and give it a nice finished look.

I have been researching types of paint outside of class.

We need something that:

  • will stick to epoxy
  • is environmentally friendly
  • will protect the boat
  • will not flake off when stressed
  • is as cheap as we can get
Oil based house primer paint- Cheap, but has many volatile chemicals during painting and drying. The jury is still out on how it effects the environment when dry. some states have banned the sale of oil-based paints in gallon sized containers and up because of environmental problems.

Acrylic latex porch and floor paint- still cheap, less volatile chemicals, may not stick as well to epoxy, may not be a durable.

I think we should test the latex paint, that way we can paint it on with out having to use a respirator mask. It will impact the environment less as well.

What does everyone else think?