Friday, June 13, 2008


This is a proposal for an end of the year project I am working on with Andy. We want to make Spanky. Spanky is a saw horse that we turned into a saw horse with a head and a tail. Our teacher Ryan took him apart and threw his head in the scrap pile. So now we want to make a new one with a head, tail, and now put tires on it and some seats. We will make him out of 2 by 3 and 2 by 4's. We named him Spanky because Andy kept spanking the wooden horse which was kinda weird.

Well it is a challenge because I have to work with Andy . That can be hard and we tend to goof off so I think that will be a challenge. We also have to find out how to attach a bike fork to a 2 by 4 that will be hard but I think me and Andy can accomplish the project.
We will have to show our problem solving skills by not goofing off. That will take some skill and putting together the forks and plywood will take skill too. Getting all the parts we need and having to come up with some designs will also be challenging.
This project will make me use people skills. I think me and Andy can work well together. I will also try not to tell Ryan to stop his complaining. He complains when everything is not totally perfect. That usually makes me mad. I will consider some of Andy's ideas no matter what I think of them.
I hope it does not break on me. That would be bad.

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