Thursday, February 7, 2008

Update On Project

Here's an update on the Newfound Challenge Class' community service project.
We the Newfound challenge kids volunteered to help at the older people lunch. We had a good time we served corn chowder tuna fish sandwiches and pasta salad and drinks. Just a hint, when an old lady yells at you (i don't want corn chowder) just walk away. All in all it was great time you should try it some time.
One good thing about the lunch is I got free food. The bad part was... I was not hungry. Another good outcome was we got to help out in the community. It is good to work in the community because people won't think we are punks.
I learned old lady's get mad if you give them corn chowder that they don't want. They may yell (i don't want corn chowder).


Here Is update on the Newfound Challenge Class' Community
Service Project. I went to a senior luncheon to help out people by serving the seniors food and beverages. We served the seniors their favorite food, corn chowder and their favorite beverages, coffee and tea. I, “The Prototype Football Star” also sat down and had a conversation with them.
One positive outcome of our involvement is that we earned their respect. We earned it by helping them out by serving them lunch.
I learned a lot about these people as seniors. It was nice to know what they were like because I did not know much about seniors. One guy told me punishments these days are less painful than they used to be. I'm glad this experience was useful.