Monday, March 31, 2008


We are building kayak's so we can go on a 3 day trip on Newfound lake. Well the way we are building the kayak's are we have to shave the plywood down to the right angels and then stick them together by glue and nails and now we are about to put it together. Another thing we are doing is camping and before that we need to test the boats first to make sure they flout then we go camping. Someone might enjoy this project because they will no how to build a boat and they can have fun doing it also.


We are building kayaks for a field trip and we will be learning how to build them and all the tools to do so. we will test them out on Newfound lake.It's in the process of construction. It's pretty cool and pretty fun at the same time. people might enjoy this experience because they will learn a lot about kayaks and how to build them .

Kayak Project

Hello I am James from NewFound Challenge. We are building kayaks in the bike shop. We are building kayaks because we want to go on a three day camping trip. The way we are building the kayaks is by cutting the wood and shaving the wood. We held the wood up by clamps. We need the kayaks to get across the water. The reason why someone would enjoy this project is that you get to test the kayaks.