Monday, April 14, 2008

Doing the Sides

We stared off with 16 foot long pieces of plywood called blanks. Then you want to find your measurements to the side of the kayak, or use a pattern to trace them on the blanks. Then cut it out, but don't cut on the line, cut a little above it on the waste side. After that, grab a plane and shave it down almost to the line and finally use a Surform, which will give it a nice finished look. The picture on the right is the finished side panel we used. The picture on the left is a Edit[handsome] man in a kayak (me)=) !

Thursday, April 10, 2008

James Makes Butt Blocks

A Butt Block in Action

We started out with two 8 foot pieces of plywood. I, James had to block the two panels to make 16 foot blanks. Blanks are sections of plywood that you prepare and later cut out a pattern from. We had to butt block the pieces together because you can not buy 16 foot pieces of plywood at a store. Also building a 8 foot kayak would not be good enough for a camping trip. The tools we used for this step were nails, a hammer, glue, and a plane. We first glued the butt blocks to the sides connecting two pieces and then we nailed them together.

Blog Entry II: What Have We Done

We must continue to document our project. Someone should be able to look at our blog and be able to build a kayak by following the steps we have written. For this entry each member of class will have a different step to explain.

James- butt blocking the two panels to make the 16' blanks
Adam- tracing the pattern and roughing out the panels, fairing the boards
Shawn- scarfing the sheer clamps and chine logs
Andy- attaching and fitting the sheer clamps and chine logs
Mike- making bulkheads, putting in bulkhead anchors

Each entry must :
- have an introduction
- what tools are used
- have step by step instructions
- be posted in order
- display at least one relevant picture

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

kayak progress

We the new found challenge class are making kayaks which is like a canoe but they usually only hold one person and are are skinnier and longer those are lake kayak river ones are a Little shorter and wider.We are making them for the experience and for fun and so we can go kayaking on the lake and some rivers. We are making them by hand with no power tools. We are carving them out of wood using some nails and glue. Man i hope These don't sink when I get in it. We are having fun with it because their is not a lot of reading involved or writing, it is pretty fun. And it is really hands on which is really fun. We should have one dune soon hopefully.